Monday, April 25, 2011

We have a WONDERFUL crew coming to help us celebrate May Day Sample Sunday!

Randi Stone of Lovin' oven will have her delicious homebaked goods including her ever-popular Powerballs, as well as sugar cookies, cocoa cookies, and brand-new Energy Boosting Bars.

Sally Kilkenny will have her luscious selection of handmade jams and jellies for sampling and for purchase!

Tracy Barton-Rose of Inspiration Studios will have her beautiful affordable gemstone jewelry, including some brand-new designs (picture below).

Lynn Parkey of Gauranga Reiki will have a wide selection of her exceedingly popular herbal goods, including samples of herbal tea and marigold cookies. YUM!

Zan Asha, our traveling beekeeper vising from the Bronx, will be vending her art dolls, woodburned items, beeswax ornaments and Bronx Bees honey!

Ila Heins of River's Ropes will have her upcycled handmade dog toys.

Melodie Profitt of Mind and Body Massage Therapy is offering rebalancing and pulsing treatments, $1 a minute. She says about this treatment:"This massage is very different from any type of massage you’ve ever received. To hear about it is just not enough, you have to try it for yourself to really find out what it is all about. This massage is done with all clothes on. It is a gentle, non-invasive way of relaxing the joints and muscles of the body. It combines the proven modalities of vibration, rhythmic compressions, rocking, and taking joints through their full range of motion to encourage body structures to release and relax without using force."

Jenny Van Rees will have her beautiful selection of handmade clothing and goods- each piece custom made, one of a kind, and completely beautiful!

Deniece Gaudineer of Prana Mind Body will be doing energy work - she was busy all last Sample Sunday, so don't delay if you want a treatment from Deniece! Here is what others have said about her work: ""Deniece Gaudineer, of Prana Mind Body, uses Reiki as a tool for healing the mind, body, spirit and emotions of clients. Reiki creates the space for individuals to evaluate the emotional and mental connection to any physical pain they may be experiencing. Recognizing the body and the mind must relax for restoration, Deniece supports clients with compassionate and intuitive skills. She provides a safe and confidential environment that is necessary for transformative healing to occur. Deniece's training and experience give her the capacity to assist others by meeting them where they are at in their healing journey."

John from Jag Photography will have his photographic artwork for sale.

Dawn Suarez will have her TIE DYE station set up - so bring your white 100% cotton sheets, curtains, tshirts, pants, etc to dye!! She will also be doing henna artwork, and have hula hoops for sale :)

Michelle White of Organic People salon will be there with her line of John Masters Organics hair care products and free samples, and will be offering $10 of any future services booked during Sample Sunday! She does wonderful pedicures, manicures, and has a full-service salon, using all natural products.

Rebecca Brandow of Willow Avenue Pottery will have beautiful handmade pottery, including some special Mother's Day items!

Danelle Stamps of Stamps Family Farm will be offering samples of pulled pork and sugar cookies....ask her about reserving your pasture-raised pork for this fall.

Of course we have a huge basket full of our handmade herbal goods for sampling at Prairieland Herbs, and will be offering free gift-wrapping on all your Mother's Day gifts!

We are also giving away a FREE 4 oz. bar of laundry soap, including our recipe for making wonderful, natural laundry detergent - Free to the first 50 customers!

Picket Fence Creamery and Flowers by Donna Jean also have a full afternoon of samples, sales, events, guest vendors and all kinds of fun at their stores as well, so you make an afternoon of it! Grab some friends, invite your family, and head on out for a wonderful time in the country, celebrating local food, crafts, and artisans!

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