Thursday, August 12, 2010

(photo from Des Moines Register)

It's wet here.

Not just wet, but flooding. Flash flooding, regular flooding, power outages, water main breaks....and more rain expected Friday.

Prairieland herbs is fine. The ground is soggy, the weeds are huge, the owners are tired of the triple digit heat indexes day after day...but we are not flooded. The roads near us our open, our roofs are tight, and our basements are dry. We are grateful.

But for our neighboring cities Ames, and Des Moines, the picture is not so pretty.

Here's an excellent blog post about the local flooding.

Our soapmaker, Karla, lives 4 miles north of Ames - the city that is experiencing the most massive flooding. She and her husband were awake all Tuesday night, while the storms raged, trying to keep their basement (her soap room) dry. At one point, they had four, yes, FOUR, sump pumps running to try and keep up. Between that, and the road closings all around her area, it's going to be difficult for her to get us soap for the next few days. We may experience some shipping delays; I hope you understand.

Driving to work, I can see the ditches are full of water. Whole sections of fields are drowned out. Small creeks have turned into small rivers. Dragonflies and frogs are EVERYWHERE. Strange and beautiful faerie rings of mushrooms are popping up everywhere. We are living in a swampland!

More photos of local flooding here: Des Moines Register photos

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