Monday, April 26, 2010

We had 2 celebrities visit the farm, Saturday.

First, the fantastic Miss Effie.....she drove all the way from Eastern Iowa to teach us how to make CHEESE! She taught 12 students how to make mozzarella cheese, then we feasted on 100% made-from-scratch pizzas afterwards. We hope to lure her back with promises of Picket Fence Ice Cream...she teaches a fantastic array of classes on local foods, canning and preserving,and more. It was a fantastic class, and we hope to offer it again in the fall. (Just pick a day, Miss Effie - you have a permanent standing invite to Prairieland Herbs!)

Abby did such a good job blogging it...I suggest you go check out her fantastic post :)

The other celebrity to visit PLH was the infamous CHICKEN HAT!

The chicken hat was made by Claire, and lives with Jill.... but has a life and personality of her own! She has an astounding presence....and inspires people to make very bad puns, apparently :) We are pleased she visited Prairieland Herbs!

Please note: We still have room in this Saturday's Classes - Enchanted Gardens, with Donna, and Natural Home Cleansers, with Maggie. PLUS! We have a FANTASTIC new lineup of classes announced! Sacred Spaces, Freezer Jams, Making and Using 5 Minute Bread Dough, Natural Dyes from the Garden, Sewing 101, Papermaking, and Pressed Flower Cards! Visit our Events Page for more information or to sign up.

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