Thursday, April 08, 2010

We are SO JAZZED for this Sample Sunday, April 11, 12-5. I mean, REALLY JAZZED!!

First. The weather is going to be spectacular. 70 and sunny. I would like to take this moment and mention that the only Sample Sunday that was snowed out in 2009? Yeah. The one in APRIL. Iowa is so weird.

Second. We have such GREAT VENDORS lined up. Are you ready for the list?!?! It's a doozy.

Willow Avenue Pottery is our new guest vendor. She has AWESOME STUFF. AWESOME.

Melodie, with Mind and Body Connection Massage Therapy will be doing her amazing reflexology treatments again. She was busy for 5 straight hours last Sunday...her reflexology treatments are wonderful!!

Sally Kilkenny will have her amazing gourmet jams for sale!

Lynn Marie Parkey, with Gauranga Reiki, will be offering releaxing and rejuvinating mini-reiki sessions.

Tracy Barton-Rouse, with Compassionate Creations, will have her gorgeous gemstone jewelry for sale - including these beautiful new chakra bracelets!

Angie of AKC Collectionss have her wonderful, inventive, upcycled/recycled/repurposed craft and household items.

Dawn Torrents-Suarez, with Morning Rain Massage, will be offering chair massage, henna tattoos, ear candling and tarot card readings.

and THIRD.....our fantastic neighbors at Picket Fence Creamery have amazing things happening at their farm too! Such as:

*FREE local food samples: Very berry (black and red raspberry) ice cream, Iowa wines, Neva's cheeseball, elk sticks, creamed honey, fresh almond and peanut butters, cheese curds, roasted and salted peas, caramel pecan apple butter, corn cob jelly, spring salad, our own sour cream, "the best chocolate milk this side of the Milky Way," and more!
Guest Vendors!  Penoach Winery, Adel; the Taste of the Town salsa, Waukee.
*Lunch is served! Grilled brats $2, hot dogs, pop or chocolate milk, only $1.  Music provided by HB Productions, Altoona.
*Kids!  Take a pony ride in the front pasture (free will donation), see Nova, and get FREE pencils! See our neighbor's Jack Russell puppies (call 515-438-2641 for information).
* Our own 90% Lean Ground Beef...$2.99/lb w/10 lb. purchase
*Any steak - $8.99/lb.
*2 dozen farm fresh eggs - $5  (reg. $2.99/dozen)
*Iowa wines - 2 for $22  (back by popular demand!)
*Pella's VanderPloeg Bakery pie and quart ice cream - $10
*Grill Pack - $45 - includes: 1 lb. steak, 5 lbs. ground beef, 2 lbs. Iowa chops, 1 lb. buffalo hot dogs, and 1 bottle Picket Fence sauce.
FREE 1/2 Pint of Ice Cream with $25 Purchase!
Just arrived...
*FRESH SPINACH - grown in Woodward with no chemicals!!!
*FRESH CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER - made in Dallas Center - it's delicious!
*TOM THUMB POPCORN - this is the hulless variety grown in Perry.  We've been waiting for this!
*PELLA'S VANDERPLOEG BAKERY GOODS - Choose from apple, cherry, peach or blueberry pies, apple cinnamon pecan bread, peanut butter monster cookies, Dutch letters, and fresh cinnamon rolls!
*TRAFFIC JAM and CARAMEL PECAN APPLE BUTTER from Amish territory in Missouri. Absolutely delicious!
Browse our store full of local and chemical free meats and foods from 90 Iowa families!  Try our new s'mores snack mix, and veggie chips. 

AND! Fourthly....(??) Donna Jean's, in Woodward, is joining in this open house as well! They have a fantastic assortment of local wines to sample, and local artists to meet!

Check out ALL the info, and get a printable map, at

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Reverend Awesome said...

So excited! Sample Sundays are always a super time. This time my pal Becky Jo will be there!!! My goodness. This will be a Sunday that shouldn't be missed.