Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I totally meant to post this yesterday. MY BAD!

We have NEW HOURS at Prairieland Herbs. As some of you know, my mom is the full-time caregiver for my grandpa. It's a big job, and she's doing SO well at it! But, we really need to be able to be a bit more flexible with our worktime. So, we are changing our shop hours. Our new hours, effective immediately, are:

Thursday, 12-5
Friday, 12-5
Saturday, 12-5

Internet folks note: This will not affect your order delivery times - we will still be processing and packing orders pretty much as normal. This will just allow us to be more flexible in our working hours.

Thanks everyone, for your understanding.

In other news - I THINK I might have my laptop files restored. We will see tomorrow. I still don't know if I'll be able to update the website right away though. I promise....we're working on it though. But I repeat - Our shopping cart is working just fine, and we are continuing to have our $5 flat-rate shipping AND whipped shea butters on sale until I can get the site updated. So, shop and enjoy! :)

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