Tuesday, December 08, 2009

So. There is a giant storm happening here right now. An honest to gosh blizzard. I don't watch TV, but I've been told that folks from The Weather Channel, and various people from assorted news stations have been sent here to Iowa to cover this big-ass storm. National Weather Service forecasters have described our first major storm of the season as "epic and extremely dangerous". 8-15 inches of snow are predicted, and up to 50 MPH winds. 8-15 inches of snow is bad enough, but when it snows that much, then blows, we get extremly slick roads, and VERY high snowdrifts. We have at least 6 inces of snow now. it started falling this morning, and is continuing (and expected to intensify) overnight.

Maggie packed as many orders as possible this morning, BUT, Donna had to deal with some family-related health issues, AND the weather got bad enough at about 2 PM that everyone headed home. SO. if you placed an order with Prairieland Herbs on or after Saturday, December 5th, it HAS NOT shipped yet, nor will it until probably Friday.

Epic winds are predicted for tomorrow, and no travel is recommended. Thursday, it should be calmer, BUT, then we have to wait for 1) the county road crews to open up our road, and 2) our snow removal guy to open up our driveway. Given the immensity of the predicted storm, we are not counting on either of those things happening very quickly on Thursday. (Our farm is rural, fairly remote, and VERY prone to drifting). We will keep you posted, but until now, unfortunately, we are predicting to not be able to ship anything until at LEAST Friday.

HOWEVER, we are absolutely willing and able to work overtime to catch up on orders...as soon as we can get back into the shop. :) We will keep you posted! Stay warm and indoors, everyone!


Susan said...

The guy on the weather channel said it could be as low as 20 below. Now, you know I love snow but that's just plain cold! Will keep you guys in our thoughts! Stay warm and take more snow pictures!!! I miss snow, you know!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Donna and Maggie,
I read about the storm/snow conditions there.
No worries or hurry with my order.
Sending you guys WARM wishes, Love and Blessings,
Laurie M.