Thursday, December 17, 2009

So, as you may know, Donna and Maggie help a local organization with some pet foster/rescue. THis lovely fellow is Al/Bullet (we prefer to call him Bullet). He was shot by his owner, lived, and is now, fortunately, recovering and in fostercare at Prairieland Herbs. He spent his first night in a house (Maggie's house) last night, and did remarkably well, considering! Isn't he a sweet fellow? To read his whole story, go here: Bullet's Story. He is needing money to cover his vet care, so if you are looking to make a charitable donation this holiday, consider donating to cover his vet care! Some of our VERY generous friends and customers have already donated (thank you, FACEBOOK friends!) - it is MUCH appreciated!

So this morning I headed to work with my faitful Dobercompanion, Duncan, Bullet, and 3 foster kittens. Welcome to my world. :) Bullet is doing GREAT, working on housetraining, is TOTALLY great with the cats and dogs, utterly confused by the mini horses (what ARE those?, he says) and is perfectly behaved on the farm - no leashes or fences needed. So far, so good. Now he just needs to find his forever home.


tbsomeday said...

what a handsome boy!
how evil of his owner

we had a dog shot this year too (in a blaze orange collar behind our house) and yes--no one really cares (legally)
we could go to small claims court if we could find who did it...but, we can't

i hope he finds a great home!

ps--these evil people will get what they deserve one way or another

Kelly said...

Thanks for posting an update on Al/Bullet and the pics! Praying he will find a loving home...I agree with the commenter above...someday the person who shot him will have to answer for it to the Judge who sees ALL and KNOWS all!!
I am so happy this lovely dog is with you guys!