Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gorgeous local fibers - now in stock!

Naturally colored fiber from Spring Valley Alpaca Ranch in Perry, IA. Mohair/alpaca blends, merino/alpaca blends, and some 100% alpaca. SO. SOFT!

Naturally colored wool from Hedgeapple Farm in Earlham. Shetland, Romney cross, Cotswold (particularly luscious!) and Jacob.

Beautiful, one of a kind (not to be repeated) Day's End from High Prairie Fibers in Letts, IA.

And luscious painted roving, again from High Prairie Fibers in Letts, IA.


Claire said...

Said with a glassy, faraway look in her eyes: "Fiber....must...have...mooooore..."

girlwithasword said...

i know, Claire....i knowwwwwwwww. it's so PRETTY! and so SOFT! and some of it has SPARKLES! arrrgh!