Wednesday, May 20, 2009

So. After a couple of weeks of super-shop-busyness, we finally managed to get out in the garden and get some stuff planted. On May 14th. Frost-free date for our area is May 15th. May 16th - yeah. Almost had frost. Mother Nature has a wacky sense of humor....fortunately all the plants survived the cold temps. What's MORE of a problem now is the massive gusting winds we have had for a few days. That's really hard on the new little plants, especially combined with temps in the mid 80's. All we can do is keep them watered, and wait.....

We're trying some new things in the PLH garden this year. My mom's house needs a new septic system (groan) and it's going to have to go right in our biggest, oldest, main herb bed. *sigh* at first we were majorly freaking out about this. But then, after thinking and looking, we decided that it was a good thing. The bed had gotten weedy and really needed to be totally overhauled anyway. So we decide to simply tranpslant the few plants we really wanted, and have a much smaller, more compact, and hopefully easier-to-care-for herb bed this year. That's the plan, so....let's hope it works out that way!

So here we have, left, a beginning of a straw bale garden. This is six bales...I have 20 more being delivered today. I'm going to grow all my veggies (tomatoes, peppers, spinach and swiss chard) in it. They are just for personal use, so if the whole experiment is a failure, I'll just rely on the farmer's market and our local CSA. Right next to the straw bales is the beginning of a lasagna garden. It sounds really easy in the books. Just put down a layer of old newspapers or flattened cardboard boxes, then pile layers and layers of compost, mulch, wood ash, peat moss, etc. up, and plant your garden right in the layers. However, hauling wheelbarrowload after wheelbarrowload of all that stuff gets I'm hoping the results are worth it. I have more pictures of the bed in progress - I'll try to post them all after it's finished.

Yesterday we employed the Automatic Lawn Mowers. They're very happy to be hard at work. :)

We also fenced off a large portion of the PLH acreage - the section behind and to the south of our shop. Donna's six mini horses need alot more pasture than they had, so we're trying to accomadae their needs. While cutting down on mowing at the same time - awesome!

And here's your gratuitous cute kitty pic. Violet LOVES this weather - she is naturally shy and cautious by nature, but when the weather allows us to leave the shop door open she gets brave and wanders outside to see what's happening in the big wide farm world.

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