Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Okay, so, just to get this out of the way, I fully blame Jill for getting Prairieland Herbs on Facebook. I resisted, she insisted, and she won - and thank goodness, cuz she is right. Facebook is fun!

See, the best part about our job is - YOU. Our customers, loyal readers, supporters, friends. You allow us to do what we love - play in the dirt, grow herbs, make cool herbal stuff. And besides that - you're all just a great bunch of folks. Interesting, kind, trustworthy, funny, and just plain COOL. Most of you we know only by name or email - if you were nearby we'd love to see you, but you're all over the world! So phone calls and emails are our main forms of contact. Many of you we have known for years, and have been privileged to see your kids grow up, hear about the news and changes in your life, and just generally get to know you.

But with facebook - now we can share pictures! We get to see you ! So, c'mon gang - join up. Here is our Prairieland Herbs Fanpage - Join if you like. (I'm still very, very new at this Facebook thing, so please bear with me while I figure it out.)

I'm also working on some other projects, to give those of you across the world a better visual look at Prairieland Herbs. We've got 10+ years of product, farm, and garden photos, and I'm slowly (10 pics a day) adding them to our flickr account.Then my next goal is to work on a couple of virtual tours, using Smilebox (maybe - anyone have any better ideas let me know, ok?), - of our gardens, workspace, etc.

But for now - time to go to work, orders to pack, stuff to make. See y'all on Facebook!


BlueGate said...

Just wanting to share my favorite company & people with the rest of the world!
Can I say it now?? See I told you so! : )

girlwithasword said...

yes, you can sing the "I told you so song"