Saturday, November 14, 2009

Last night John and I attended a fun open house at Art 316, a huge building full of assorted art studios. We got to tour 15-20 artists spaces, view their artwork, and check out their fantastic tools and raw materials. I don't know much about art, but it sure was fascinating just to take a peek at their workspaces, catch the "flavor" of the behind-the-scenes everyday workspace of all kinds of artists. Now, I don't consider myself an artsist, but it sure gave me an appreciation of how much fun it is to view someone else's workspace! Now I know why people always want to peek in the Prairieland Herbs kitchen! :) So, I've assembled a few pictures of our everyday workspace, so those of you who aren't here can catch a flavor or OUR workspace. I hope you enjoy! All of the nice product shots you see on our website are John's work. His studio is a room in the basment (shown above), or our living room (shown below).

Donna and Maggie aren't afraid of garden machinery....or of getting dirty. :)

Our yearly calender, above, is ESSENTIAL. Without it, we don't have a clue what we're doing!

The shopping list is also key! There are always supplies to be ordered.....

Our office is tiny, but we do well with the space we have. The brown file folders hold all our labels. We often have "help" in the office....

Donna and Maggie built the shop, with help from a retired carpenter friend. We hired guys to pour the concrete and do the drywall, and enlisted some help with the plumbing and electrical installtion, but truly we had our hands in nearly every bit of building our shop. And, neither of us had any CLUE about building a building, before this adventure. It sure was an education!

Various and assorted pets roam the farm. Our dogs are always with us, cats come and go as they please, and you may see fowl or miniature horses wandering around too.

We teach classes here on the farm. Above, Donna is teaching a gardening class. Below, we see Karla teaching a soapmaking class in our classroom.

Our antique cash register, above, is a source of much comment! It's beautiful, we love it, and yes, it really works. Below is an interior shot of our shop.

Above, soy wax candles are cooling, and you can see beeswax loaves - the local beeswax we purchase has to be melted and filtered (cleaned) before we use it. Below is a whole bunch of patchouli shea butter balms, these were made as samples to be given away.

This is Maggie's kitchen. Oils are above the sink, essential oils to the left. There are also huge bins of salt, sugar, milk powder and herbs, buckets of shea butter and coconut oil, and tons of packaging, all carefully arranged to maximize the amount of stuff we can fit in a very small space.
These fridges hold our herbs, essential oils, and hydrosols.

Our still, set up outside the shop.

One of our main herb gardens.

THis is our packaging area - we have everything we need in a small area! Bags, tape, bubblewrap, many sizes of boxes, labels, shipping scale, etc.

Sometimes, the weeds get out of hand. (Okay....REGULARLY, the weeds get out of hand.)

The UPS guy visits us REGUARLY. This is a large shipment of assorted raw ingredient and packaging supplies.

This is the type of raw materials we get, in fairly large quantities. Above, 50 lbs. shea butter. Below, 11 lbs essential oils.

Sometimes, we have a bit of wine at work. :)

And here is where we dry our herbs, in a converted chickenhouse. :)

This would be a fairly typical day's worth of shipping.


Banana said...

oooo thanks for the tour. I feel like I was really there. You have such a great thing going up there!

jag said...

Great set, Maggie :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Whoa. This was an awesome post! Thanks for sharing!

It really is fascinating seeing where people work. Even if it's in an office building. This is a whole new level of fascinating!

You guys are amazing!!

Kay-The Rustic Cottage said...

Thank you for the tour!! What a lovely place you have. It is always so much fun to see the work spaces of others. You and Donna have an amazing place!!

alcatmom said...

Wonderful tour! I really enjoyed seeing everything and I especially love seeing the kitties!

juliecache said...

my 9yo wants to work for you now.

Tribal Horse Designs said...

OMG LOVE IT !!!!!!! what an awesome tour and work place !!!!!

Bonne said...

What an awesome treat to actually see your work areas!!

girlwithasword said...

Juliecache, we have an 8 year old that enjoys "working' on the farm - send your 9 year old on over. Child labor laws..who needs em?

So glad you enjoyed the photo tour, everyone, i had a great time putting it together!

girlwithasword said...

Juliecache, we have an 8 year old that enjoys "working' on the farm - send your 9 year old on over. Child labor laws..who needs em?

So glad you enjoyed the photo tour, everyone, i had a great time putting it together!

Susan said...

Where did you guys get the year calender? I have looked everywhere for one like that. With Bee's medical schedule we need it!! Love the tour! Your place seems heavenly. Just remember to take lots of pics of your place in the snow too, I bet it looks magical then!!

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