Monday, March 23, 2009

I just signed up to win a free advance copy of Susan Wittig Albert's new (and yet-to-be-released) book Wormwood! For those of you not familiar with this author, she writes a fun herbal mystery series set in Texas. Check out her great blog, and you can enter the drawing too!

We've had spectacular weather lately! Sandals and t-shirt weather. LOVE IT! Ollie, however, thiks anything above 60-degrees is hot. See him pant?

We even have green grass!

Which will make the equine gang very happy, they're tired of being cooped up in their boring old pen. Little Delafino here loves to nibble at anything that comes in his reach - fingers included. He's such a cutie!

Here they are telling me quite clearly - "Put that flashy thing away, and make with the hay, food-lady".

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