Wednesday, February 04, 2009

We love giving out free samples.

If you've visited our shop, you've seen/browed in the infamous "sample basket". It is a huge brown basket that sits on the edge of our shop counter, and we just keep it full of - well, samples. Whatever we have made last, our whatever bits of soap we get from Karla. When we pack orders, we'll usually toss in a few samples too. It's our way of saying "thank you, and here's something else we hope you will like".

Well, I'm feeling rather generous right now - because there are some AMAZING samples in our basket right now.

Yesterday I bottled up 100 little sample bottles of our "normal" facial serum.

I also spent ages scooping bits of our Wise Woman Whipped Shea butter into sample-sized jars. There are about 75 of those.

Next, I'll cut up about 10 bars of these amazing Amber Resin Luxury Soaps.

SO - if you want a free sample of any - or all - of these items - just let us know when you place your next order. The catch? We have a Sample Sunday this week, so the samples will probably be gone by then. So, you've been warned! :)

Otherwise, it's a good week here. The sun is shining! I'll try to get some more farm pictures soon. Donna is feeling better, and we've got lots of orders and 2 wholesale orders to pack/deliver. Just a normal week here at Prairieland Herbs.


Anonymous said...

I live in Northeast Penna. and the winters are cold and dry I am on oxygen 24/7 and am disabled now. My hair and skin get very dry and cracked ,I have noticied lately that my hair is thinning or its my imagination. I can't use anything with certain oils that are found in most moisturizing products maybe something you have will help. I am new to this site but am becoming very interested in all thanks for considering me for a few samples .Oh yeah I forgot, I am almost 61 years old.
thnaks again Shari Johnson
570 Main Street
Hallstead Pa 18822

GreenRanchingMom said...

Hope to see you on Sunday! Thanks for posting this event!