Wednesday, December 17, 2008

GOOD NEWS regarding the proposed FDA regulations that would have made it very, very difficult for us to stay in business!

Weather here has been insane. Sunday, we had an actual temperature drop of 50 degrees (yes, really) in about 12 hours - but, it *felt* like it dropped about 70 degrees, because of the wind chill factor. At 9 AM Sunday morning it was a balmy 50 degrees. By 1 pm it was 17 degrees, and by about 10 PM it was 1 degree with a windchill of around -20. Only in Iowa!

We are gearing up for the Des Moines Farmer's Market this Saturday. Hours: 9-2. It's a WONDERFUL market, I encourage everyone to stop by for fabulous local wine, food, jam, and gifts! If you'd like us to bring anything in particular for you, please do email or call! We bring a very random selection of items every time. The store WILL be open so feel free to come on out to the farm and Donna will be delighted to help you!!


Sarah said...

excellent news! I have been worried about you (and others). If onlly i had similar news about the cpsia that is affecting the children's products industry.

Elisabeth said...

Ahhh...the trials and tribulations of dealing with the gov. The naturals products "industry" needs our outmost support. I push people your direction whenever I'm able, Maggie. I belong to a local chapter of the Weston Price foundation, so you're oft-mentioned (and not just by me!)