Monday, July 21, 2008

We had some interesting weather last night - not tornadoes, but "near-tornadic activity". (For those of you that don't live in tornado-zones, that means bitchin nasty winds that can do a hell of alot of damage.) She is fine, her house is fine, the shop is fine, things are just a bit messy - limbs down, branches broken, the barn door blown off. Tomorrow will be lots of cleanup, some chainsaw work. AND, of course, we have a bus tour tomorrow! Ah well, they came to see life on the farm - they'll see it.


ML said...

Nothing like a little Iowa reality.
Ohhh, I just got my first bar of the Amber Resin soap and LOVE it.
I was in love with the fragrance back when they sold the little pendants, if you remember those? Little cages with a lump of the crystallized resin? Oh, they smelled so great. Haven't seen those in years. But this soap is pure bliss.
Love, ML

girlwithasword said...

Hi ML! I'm gonna post pictures of the storm damage - I just forgot the camera today. I'm SO glad you love that soap - I do too, I'm completely addicted! I saw some of those pendants recently at a new age shop in Des Moines, so they're still around somewhere at least!! :)