Friday, July 04, 2008

The other day, my 7 year old nephew asked if he could borrow my digital camera. He said he wanted to show his friends "what it looks like at Prairieland Herbs". So i showed him how to take pictures and sent him on his merry way. When i looked at the pictures later, I was absolutely delighted. it's a joy to see what he sees! So, here are some of my favorite pictures of Prairieland Herbs, from a 7 year old's point of view. The first one (above) is of Harry, his faithful sidekick.

This one is just pure art. :)

(This is a little area just outside the shop where we sit and relax or maybe eat lunch. )

And this is probably one of my favorite pictures of the farm, EVER. You can see our trusty copper still and a herb gathering basket. A beautiful bit of creeping thyme and some hollyhocks, and Donna's house.

An interior shot of the shop.

A child's honesty! This shot pretty much shows how busy we've been - normally these shelves are full of nicely organized and alphabetized bath salts. Now it looks as though a troop of drunk gnomes ransacked them.

Donna's little garage, used for storing tools, lawn mowers, etc.

I think I might have to hire him on a regular basis. :)

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