Thursday, July 31, 2008

I spent 5 minutes walking around the farm yesterday getting pics. So here is a 5 minute tour of the farm! Go was having a nap by the doggie soaps.

John was working on making a gate for the horses new paddock.

Beaker was supervising everything from one of his favorite locations: underneath a car.

Jake(the boy) was trying to get this ancient and terrifying machine started, while....

Jake (the dog) watched from the nearby shade.

Don, (Donna's dad) was surveying our weed patch.

Future smudge bundles are drying nicely in our drying shed.

The little herb plants (destined for distillaion) are doing their best to grow, but with this crazy weather, it's nearly impossible. They're TINY.

But the crabapples look SPECTACULAR. they're huge!


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Rose said...

I alwys enjoy my visits to your blog. What a wonderful place you have.

girlwithasword said...

Thank you Rose! What a sweet comment. :)