Monday, February 11, 2008

Here's a woodpecker, on our suet feeder we have just outside the shop. Feeding and providing habitat for wildlife is a really important part of what we do with our gardens and land.

We call Beaker our "Wax-headed cracker hound". He loooves to "help' John make candles, and has gotten bits of soywax dripped on his head and back moer than once. (It's not that hot and doesn't hurt him a bit, we swear). And he love love, LOVES Club crackers. If he hears a crinkly wrapper noise he comes right over to see if there might be cracker bits to be had! He eats veryv ery little people food (he doesn't even really like his winter food, he much prefers fresh greens and bugs and things out of the garden), but he has a serious addiction to those Club crackers!


ML said...

What great pictures. Wow.
Enjoyed seeing Beaker again.
Those soy candles are great.
My package came the day I was diagnosed with the flu -- the one type NOT included in my flu shot.
I love the Breathe Easy, it is the best. And the Rosemary and Eucalyptus hydrosols, the Rosemary-Mint shower gel, it all helped so much. Without it I would have been so miserable.

girlwithasword said...

oh ML! I understand the flu is *especially* nasty this year. You poor girl! I hope you are better now?!

ML said...

Robyn (House of the Mostly Black Cats) was sick yesterday and I reminded her to use Breathe Easy. She said she rubbed it all over her face and could breathe again. That stuff is a miracle.
Yes, I am finally better.