Sunday, September 30, 2007

SO, the other week we hosted a tour group of 4th graders. We don't usually do too many tours with kids, but these guys were great. They were studying the Iowa farm economy, and got to visit our farm, Northern Prairie Chevre, and Picket fence creamery. Note the dogs, cat and goose....they are never far from the action!

Duncan and Ollie think we should have 4th graders visit every day!!!!

Our naturally-dyed scarves are for sale in the shop....

...and don't forget to take a gander at our handspun yarns! (sorry, couldn't resist...)

And yes, Beaker (the goose) is still here, and doing just fine! He's getting big and fat, and LOVES to eat herbs. Parsley, thyme, and sweetgrass seems to be among his favorites. We've been warning against getting *too* fat and savory...we don't want anyone getting ideas about having a hand-raised Christmas goose!!

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