Wednesday, August 29, 2007

We served these cookies at our "Herb Overload" class a week and a half ago. I love super-easy things that you can make in a hurry - perfect for classes. Beucase I procrastinate. (I know. you're all surprised!)

So these were made with tube sugar cookie dough, the readymade stuff, and some rose petal jelly I had made earlier in the spring. (Follow my recipe for dandelion jelly, but substitute rose petals instead. Delicious and beautiful!) I made teensy balls of dough, then pressed my fingerprint in them to create an indentation. Baked the cookies, then let the cool and put a tiny bit of rose petal jelly in the indentation. Decorate plate and cookies with edible flower bits (in this case I used borage flowers, lavender flowers and rose petals) and listen to the ooh's and aah's as you serve these pretty little cookies!

If you have a bit of extra tiem and want to be even fancier, you can add some chopped rose petals directly to the dough. YUM!

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