Thursday, June 14, 2007

Goose Update! Here is a picture of Beaker, our rescued-and-now-thinks-he's-people Canada Goose. He's probably about 6 weeks old now, and is fully into his "geeky teenage" stage! The furry cuteness is gone, and he's getting all his feathers in, and changing colors. (By the way - we refer to him as "he" but we actually have no idea what sex he is!). He still loves people and wants to be around us ALL the time. He doesn't really like to be touched our petted, but he is constantly at our sides, and will even "groom" us if we let him (nibbles to the legs and feet).

There are few things funnier than sitting alone in the shop...all is quiet, cats are asleep, door open, filling orders....and then hearing the "slap slap slap" of big goose feet, as he comes in to see what you are doing. :) He trys to eat the cat food every chance he gets, but we don't let him if we can help it!

We did get Beaker an adult male duck for a friend, and they do tolerate each other, but dont' seem to have "bonded" very well. But this adult male duck (who still needs a any suggestions? and NO we are not going to name him Donald!) was getting picked on by another male duck at his old home, so he's going to stay here with us...we hope to get him a "lady friend" very shortly. He is free to come and go in our farm pond anytime he likes, but he seems very shy and reserved, so we gave him his own mini-pond in his pen, and he really likes it!

Here we are building a bigger and better pen for our fowl. They get out to roam around the farm with us while we are here, but we wanted a bigger outdoors area for them to enjoy on evenings and weekends. Are they spoiled, or what??

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