Wednesday, March 21, 2007

BUSY day yesterday!!!

We had 100 lbs of shea delivered - 50 for us and 50 for Karla, our soapmaker friend. We get it from agbanga karite, they have lovely fair trade butters, oils, black soap and more. This is what 50 lbs of shea butter looks like - I put a 4 oz. bar of soap next to it, for perspective. Who knew owning a herb shop meant quite so much heavy lifting???

With that shea, I made tons of patchouli body balms. These are for soul-flower, and then I turned around and made another batch, just as big, for us. We LOVE shea butter. So creamy, so moisturizing!!!

Then I made some Just Plain Shea balm, and these samples - these are lavender body balm samples, I think about 100. These will go in our sample basket, and be given out to any customers that walk in the door, or shipped out with our orders.

Donna did TONS of orders - this is her, working in our teensy weensy office. Doesn't she look nice?? She remembered we had a photographer coming to take photos of us and our shop today. I, however, did not, so I wore grungy clothes and had a bad hair day. *sigh*

I got a picture of the photographer taking photos of our stuff too. :)

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Weaver said...

Love all the pics! In my head, I know what 50lbs of something should look like, but Holy Cow! That's a lot of shea!!! Just looking at it makes my skin cry out for it :) ~~off to find the 3 citrus!!~~