Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's COLD. really, really, REALLY cold! Well, actually it' s a "heat wave" today...a high of 25, which means the wind chill might actually go above zero. Yesterday we had high temps of, oh, 5, with wind chills -15 and such. On Sunday the predicted high is TWO. gah. It's so cold, we open the door to let the kitties out, and they look up at us accusingly "you want me to go outside in THIS???" Winter sucks!

So, yesterday we all stayed in the shop. John is working on a new, updated version of It will be a while, but we think we have the basic look and structure down. We're just aiming to make it as clean, simple, and easy to use as possible! Donna filled orders all day (apparently, it's really cold so everyone is staying indoors and ordering online!), and I (Maggie) made oodles of moisturizing things - 4 kinds of whipped shea, and a couple of big batches of shea butter body balm. So, I also made up lots of samples of aforementioned moisturizing things, in nice 2 oz. tins. Our sample basket is full of "Simply Shea" whipped shea, 3 citrus whipped shea, and raw shea butter samples. So if you were to order in the next few days, chances are some of those samples would end up in your box. I'm just sayin.... ;)

In other news: Our classes for Feb. are filling up nicely! Still room for a *few* more in all classes. We have a COOL lineup in the works for March/April/May including: crocheting, Energy 101, Milk Soaps, Dream pillows, and more....we'll be announcing that real soon. :)

stay warm everyone!

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