Friday, January 22, 2010

First up: obligatory weather-related news info. It's still icy as hell out there. Donna slipped and slid her way out to the shop yesterday to check on Violet, the shop kitty. (Violet THRIVES on "alone time" - as long as she has food and water she really doesn't mind not seeing us for a day or two. We're not cruel people keeping the kitty locked up all alone, I promise...she likes it.) This is the photo she took of the shop siding. Now imagine that same amount of ice covering EVERYTHING. Doors, windows, cars, outbuildings, sidewalks, EVERYTHING. It's crazy. And more than a little dangerous. It's melting a bit now, so envision big chunks and sheets of ice randomly falling off roofs and power lines, and slight puddles of slick water on top of even slicker ice, and you've got an idea of what central Iowa is like right now.

Second! Something actually not realated to weather. I am slooowly getting my computer back in order. I THINK I have the files downloaded and put on my computer, now I'm putting them back in their proper places. I realized that I have a TON of herbal articles and recipes. A ton! So I'm going to do a better job of sharing them with you. This one is for Erin, our friend and former neighbor. She is having trouble finding a shampoo she can use. I sent her a Just Plain Shampoo bar and I hope that will work for her, but, I also have several recipes for non-soap shampoos that I have personally tried and love. Here is a recipe for a Lemon Egg Wash. Don't be scared, it really works. It's great, actually! So try it!
Old Fashioned Lemon Egg Wash

2 eggs
juice of 1/2 lemon
2 tbsp. spring water or hydrosol

Remove eggs from fridge and let warm to room temperature (this could take an hour
or two). Thoroughly beat the eggs, then add the juice of ½ lemon,and about 2 tbsp.
water, your favorite herbal infusion, or hydrosol. In a warm shower, wet hair
thoroughly, then massage egg mixture into your scalp and hair.

The key to this recipe is to really take time to thoroughly massage your scalp and
hair – it won't suds, but the cleansing action is still happening. Then, using
lukewarm water, rinse the mixture completely out of your hair. It is very important
NOT to use hot water, as this can and will cook the egg, and you will have scrambled
eggs in your hair - NOT fun!This mixture made my hair really light, fluffy, soft and smooth!

I needed no
extra conditioners or rinses. This would be an especially fantastic shampoo for
blondes or people with lighter colored hair, especially if you substituted a
strong chamomile tea f or the water or hydrosol.


Marge said...

Sounds like a great recipe for a "kitchen sink" shampoo... I'd not want a shower cool enough not to cook the eggs... at least not until summer comes.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I tried out the Just Plain Shampoo. It smelled nice even though it had no added fragrance. I tried your Rosemary & Lavendar vinegar rinse, too. My hair is soft and shiny. My scalp feels great. Hooray!

I plan to try this egg method soon. (Luckily, it's a tad warmer here in southern Virginia!)